How do I broadcast a job to the Whire community?

Firstly, create your account on If you face any trouble, use the live chat to request help.

Secondly, you must have already posted a Job Ad on LinkedIn for this job.

Once logged in, you will find on your Home page 2 main actions available.

  1. Add New Job
    • Click on Add New Job
    • Paste in the LinkedIn job URL and wait a few seconds, the Job name should appear
    • Confirm by selecting the job and proceed
  2. View my jobs
    • If you have filled in the correct company URL page in your settings when signing-up, you can also consult the jobs you have already posted under that same company in LinkedIn
    • Click on View my jobs
    • Lookup new jobs if you are not seeing your job in the list
    • Confirm by selecting the job and proceed

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